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The following are links to resources found on the Internet.  Some of these are generic and some are to specific articles or pages in web sites.  Please be aware that you are leaving God’s Word, Many Voices and navigating to another site.

Catholic Women Preach:  Catholic Women Preach is an innovative project designed to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the Church today by responding to Pope Francis’ call for broader and more active engagement of the baptized in the preaching mission of the Church. This project is a deeply faithful, hopeful and joyful initiative intended to build up the Church.  A project of global reach, Catholic Women Preach uses modern technology to bring the voices of diverse Catholic women to the proclamation of the Gospel through web-based resources.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:   This is the official web page of the Catholic Church in the United States.  The site includes readings from the official lectionary used in daily and Sunday Masses.  These readings are the ones used in our weekly reflections.

National Catholic Reporter:   According to its mission statement, “NCR is a religious news source with worldly interests, and though a large amount of its reporting deals with issues of the Catholic church, an equal amount of its coverage is a marriage of the religious, political and social forces shaping public policies and institutions. We are concerned for all people and we are committed to shaping a world that recognizes the dignity of every human being, regardless of religious belief, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other characteristics. Throughout our history, we have been a voice for the disadvantaged and the marginalized, and we have told the stories of injustice that others simply will not print.”

Vatican Web Site:   This is the official web site of the Holy See.  This includes all current news and activities of Pope Francis and central organizations of the Church.  Of particular value are the Vatican Archives which include copies of all major documents from Vatican II and later.

FutureChurch:  According to its vision statement, FutureChurch works for just, open and collaborative structures for Catholic worship, organization and governance, a return to the Church’s early tradition of both married and celibate priests, a return to the Church’s earliest tradition, modeled on the inclusive practice of Jesus, of recognizing both female and male leaders of faith communities, and regular access to the Eucharist, the center of Catholic life and worship, for all Catholics.


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